We’ve been fortunate enough to experience some beautiful places of the world and even better people on these adventures.  We’d love to share those experiences with you.  One of our favorite quotes on travel is by Mark Twain in which he says that

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,

and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.

Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things

cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner

of the earth all one's lifetime.” 

Having spent time in more than 20 different countries and have seen almost all 50 states, we couldn’t agree more.  It’s this travel that has grown our perspective, made us more open-minded, creative, and has made us better people.


Let us share these adventures with you.  Whether you have a team of employees that you’d like to strengthen or if you want to take your family somewhere.  We want to take all the guesswork out of where to go and what to see.  We can do that for you and customize your trip specifically for you.

There are a lot of details, including photos, that will be listed out for each of these adventures in our upcoming blog section over time.  For now, if you’re interested in one of these, please contact us and a team member will be happy to help!

Here are some adventures we know and love:


Blanca Peak

Is scaling a 14er on your bucket list?  Here is your chance to hike to Blanca Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness area of Colorado.  Blanca Peak is one of the many 14k foot peaks in Colorado and this a trip you won't soon forget.  Participants will be shuttled to an alpine lake that is located at an elevation of approximately 11k feet where the group will camp.  The following day, those who are up for it can make the just under 4 miles round trip to summit Blanca Peak.  Just want to enjoy the company, alpine lake, and the opportunity to camp in a beautiful area? Then spending the day fishing and exploring the nearby area is a great choice as well.


Remote Cabin

Colorado is home to many remote cabins at elevation with phenomenal views.  There’s beauty in staying in a cabin where there is no electricity, you procure your own water, and your source of heat for both warmth and cooking comes from the firewood you feed the stoves.  Even though these cabins are nice, you will feel a deep connection with nature and your existence among it.  If spending time enjoying your surroundings is more your speed then this is just the trip for you.  Generally, this is only available during the summer months, and you will need to book well in advance.



Belize is an English-speaking country in Central America.  Belize has the Caribbean sea, mountains, and early Mayan settlements, all in a very diverse ecosystem.  Are you a foodie?  Visiting the San Ignacio Market on a Saturday morning is a must to experience the freshest produce and amazing street food.  Want to make chocolate from fresh cacao or explore caves with ancient Mayan ruins? Belize is a country you won't soon forget.

Later this summer we will be updating this section with more details about spearfishing and grilling your catch on the beach.  Yep, you can go back and read that again.  



Japan has been one of our favorite places to travel to.  The people, the culture, the history, the food, and the geography are hard to beat!  Not being familiar with the area or the language makes it tough to navigate.  Fortunately, we have spent time in places such as Tokyo, Hiroshima, the former capital city Kyoto, and more.  Currently, Japan is not accepting visitors from foreign nations but when they do, this is a must-visit! 


We are really excited to be adding more locations later this year to include many of the beautiful sites of Peru!