Don't Be Average

Making others better through adventure, challenge, shared experiences, and the psychology of experiencing awe.   



Adventure - We have been fortunate enough to see amazing parts of the world and we want to share those experiences with you.

Being the Best - Don't be average. In everything we do, we want to give our best selves and our best effort. We want to offer you the best experience and the best products.

Service - Serving others is at the core of our hearts. Becca and CT have been, most recently, heavily involved with varying non-profits. CT has been fortunate enough to serve as a Green Beret and later as a contractor for a separate Special Operations unit.  In which he conducted seven combat deployments altogether. Often overlooked is the service of our military spouses. CT would have never been able to serve in Special Operations and deploy as much as he did without the continued support of Becca. The long list ranges from caring for a newborn to helping others achieve their goals in higher education all while he was overseas. 

We recognize the cost of these adventures is not accessible for everyone. We are actively working on a scholarship program to offer these adventures at no cost on a limited basis.  If you are interested in applying, you can input your email in the "subscribe form" at the bottom of this page and we will notify you when this opportunity is available.

Authenticity - We will never represent ourselves other than who we are. All products and services will be nothing less than accurately represented. 

Professionalism - We are professional in our attitude, interaction with others, and the delivery of products and services. 

Teamwork - CT has been fortunate to have "grown-up" in a very team heavy environment as a part of his time in Special Operations. Therefore, none of these adventures are designed to be about the sole individual. Everyone's success is dependent upon each other.